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Vertrauen in Teams herstellen Vertrauenskultur Misstrauen Vertrauens Coaching
beste Freunde

Empfohlene Literatur: Breuer, C., Hüffmeier, J., & Hertel, G. (2016). Does trust matter more in virtual teams? A meta-analysis of trust and team effectiveness considering virtuality and documentation as moderators. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101(8), 1151. Breuer, C., Hüffmeier, J., Hibben, F., & Hertel, G. (2020). Trust in teams: A taxonomy of perceived trustworthiness factors and risk-taking behaviors in face-to-face and virtual teams. Human Relations, 73(1), 3-34. Mayer, R. C., Davis, J. H., & Schoorman, F. D. (1995). An integrative model of organizational trust. Academy of management review, 20(3), 709-734. Sharma, K., Schoorman, F. D., & Ballinger, G. A. (2022). How Can It Be Made Right Again? A Review of Trust Repair Research. Journal of Management, 01492063221089897.

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